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Executive committee - RAF 2019

Guy, president of a cycling club, assistant of the Team France Cyclisme Distance since its creation in 2014, is in charge of the recognition, validation and realization of the road book.

Xavier, present throughout the event in 2018 and specialist in ultra Trail, is in charge of the functionalities and proper functioning of GPS beacons.

Amandine, who started in 2018, manages this year the follow-up of registrations and communication with participants in the continuity of her work at the National Police.

Manu, present at the start in 2018, passionate about sport, manages the safety of the Race Across France.

Lucile, was part of the fastest participant team on the Sprint version. She loved the spirit and offered to support us in the field of marketing and web marketing.

Céline, product assistant for men’s fashion, wife of an ultra-distance runner, is responsible for the textile brand Race Across France in close collaboration with our partner.

Florian, sportsman and co-founder of a Parisian start-up, accompanies us in our search for partners and will be present at all our events to welcome you and guide you.

Olivier, provides us with advice and vision on all aspects of the visual and compliance of the graphic charter. His experience and kindness are very useful to us.

We have also chosen service providers in whom we have total trust and whose professionalism is recognized and recognized.

Artistic Director: Camille

Photos & Videos: Keryan and his team

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